1 July 1992 Double relay lens for a microscopic observation system
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A double relay lens for a commercial microscopic observation system based on a 10 x objective is presented. Using a pair of identical four-element single relay lenses placed back-to-back, the double relay lens was designed with the practical design method. A double relay lens with a focal length of -5.56 mm, a numerical aperture of 0.25, a long working distance of 22.58 mm, and a large total track of 100 mm has been achieved. By connecting the double relay lens and the commercial microscopic observation system together, the relayed microscopic observation system can be applied to observe in situ the laser micromachining process in air or in vacuum.
Tuan-Yu Hung, Tuan-Yu Hung, Ching-Shen Su, Ching-Shen Su, } "Double relay lens for a microscopic observation system," Optical Engineering 31(7), (1 July 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.58833 . Submission:

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