1 August 1992 Adsorption of bromine in CuBr lasers
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Because the dissociated bromine in CuBr lasers has serious effects on the lifetime of CuBr lasers and the stability of the discharged plasma, it is important in long-lived sealed-off CuBr lasers. The adsorption of bromine on the surface of the copper around the electrodes was measured by a transmission electron microscope and an x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer. It was found that the bromine dissociated from the CuBr molecule by collision in the laser discharge plasma is a negative bromine ion; no positive bromine ion existed. On the average, the atomic percentage of the adsorbed bromine is about 20%. The radial distribution of the atomic percentage of bromine around the copper anode is given and has been explained qualitatively.
Yongjiang Wang, Shuyi Shi, Yujun Qian, Bailiang Pan, Xiande Ding, Qiang Guo, Lideng Chen, Ruixing Fan, "Adsorption of bromine in CuBr lasers," Optical Engineering 31(8), (1 August 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.58726


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