1 September 1992 Texture analysis by space-filling curves and one-dimensional Haar wavelets
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1-D scan that follows the Peano curve to a desired resolution is demonstrated to preserve a 2-D proximity relationship and is shown to be efficient for wavelet transform (WT) processing and artificial neural network pattern recognition. This deterministic fractal sampling method can be implemented in real time using optoelectronic scanning. For example, 2-D texture patterns are analyzed by using 1 -D wavelet transformation. Those WT coefficients can be fed into a standard back-propagation neural network for pattern recognition.
Sonlinh Phuvan, Sonlinh Phuvan, Tae Kwan Oh, Tae Kwan Oh, Nicholas P. Caviris, Nicholas P. Caviris, Yao Li, Yao Li, Harold H. Szu, Harold H. Szu, } "Texture analysis by space-filling curves and one-dimensional Haar wavelets," Optical Engineering 31(9), (1 September 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.59957 . Submission:

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