1 November 1993 Low-absorption measurements of optical thin films at 10.6 microns
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We present new data analysis of photothermal measurements to extract the extinction coefficient k of thin films or bare substrates at 10.6 μm. We show how to obtain k by means of analytical formulation, with substrate absorption taken into account, and how to minimize experimental errors. Then, we discuss accuracy and reliability for substrates, thin films, and mirrors. Results are given for k values as low as 10-4 for thin films and 10-8 for substrates. Mirror reflectivities higher than 99.8% were measured
Jean DiJon, Jean DiJon, Erik Duloisy, Erik Duloisy, Philippe Lyan, Philippe Lyan, } "Low-absorption measurements of optical thin films at 10.6 microns," Optical Engineering 32(11), (1 November 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.147717 . Submission:

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