1 February 1993 Model simulation of biological damage in tissue exposed to CO2 laser irradiation
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Optical Engineering, 32(2), (1993). doi:10.1117/12.60699
A model that predicts temperature fields in C02-laser-irradiated tissue is applied in search of the optimal irradiation conditions or the general purpose of soft tissue removal. In a series of single pulse simulations and pulse train simulations the effect of parameters such as pulse durations, irradiance during a pulse, and the repetition rate of pulses are studied. The simulations are carried out for two basic beam profiles: Gaussian and rectangular. As a result, a range of preferred values for each parameter is obtained. The rectangular profile exhibits a far better behavior in the sense that lateral thermal damage is highly reduced compared to the Gaussian profile. Ablation thresholds and efficiencies are calculated for both profiles as a by-product. Results are in good agreement with other reported studies.
Miron Gerstmann, A. M. Sagi-Dolev, Ariella Avidor-Zehavi, Abraham Katzir, Solange Akselrod, "Model simulation of biological damage in tissue exposed to CO2 laser irradiation," Optical Engineering 32(2), (1 February 1993). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.60699


Laser tissue interaction

Optical simulations

Gaussian beams


Laser ablation

Laser irradiation

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