1 March 1993 Instrumentation systems for passive fiber optic chemical sensors
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This paper treats some of the general requirements of optoelectronic instrumentation systems for fiber optic chemical sensors and points out how nonimaging optical elements can be used to meet those requirements. Passive fiber optic chemical sensors, specifically remote spectroscopic absorbance, fluorescence, and Raman systems are discussed. The operation of nonimaging optics (NIOs) is explained, as are applications of these optical elements in fiber illumination, sample light collection, and filtering subsystems. Optical signal detection methodologies are also presented. The above topics are treated in an introductory or "tutorial" fashion.
Douglas J. Ferrell, Jeremy M. Lerner, Robert A. Lieberman, Toni B. Quintana, Edward M. Schmidlin, Steven J. Syracuse, "Instrumentation systems for passive fiber optic chemical sensors," Optical Engineering 32(3), (1 March 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.60858

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