1 March 1993 Study on the optical absorption of oxygen-doped polysilicon thin films
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Optical absorption measurements were used to study the optical properties of semi-insulating polycrystalline silicon (SIPOS) with different levels of oxygen dopings and a variety of annealing conditions. The optical properties of SIPOS were found to be closely related to the SIPOS microstructure. The absorption coefficient in SIPOS films with a high oxygen content displays a blue shift. From the absorption edge measurements, it has been observed that more band-tail states were introduced forthe higher oxygen contentsamples. During the heat-annealing processes, changes occur in the absorption spectra of SIPOS: the absorption coefficient of SIPOS displays a blue shift, whereas after high-temperature (T > 900°C) treatments, the absorption coefficient of SIPOS shows a red shift. These features of the optical properties of SIPOS are interpreted as the contribution of the distribution of Si-O bonds in the films and the recrystallization of SIPOS during low-temperature and high-temperature annealing processes, respectively.
Yaoling Pan, Yaoling Pan, Yun Zhen Wang, Yun Zhen Wang, } "Study on the optical absorption of oxygen-doped polysilicon thin films," Optical Engineering 32(3), (1 March 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.61037 . Submission:

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