1 March 1993 Tilt corrector based on spring-type magnetostrictive actuators
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Optical Engineering, 32(3), (1993). doi:10.1117/12.61040
Tilt corrector based on a spring-type magnetostrictive actuator (STMA) was investigated for wavefront tilt correction. The STMA is a very efficient type of macroactuator for application in large ground- and space-based adaptive optics. By means of the STMA it is possible to deliver, in a real-time scale (1 to 10 ms), precision displacements in a range up to 100 μm with a 0.1-μm positioning accuracy. On the basis of experimentally investigated static and dynamic characteristics of STMAs the real-time two-coordinate mirror positioning system for precise optical engineering was developed and investigated. A dynamic range of corrected tilts up to 8 arc mm with a frequency range up to 50 Hz delivered by the developed tilt corrector allowed compensation for natural thermoconvectionally induced tilts with accuracy of 0.1 arc sec.
Vladimir I. Aksinin, Sergue A. Chetkin, Vadim V. Kijko, Sergue V. Muraviev, "Tilt corrector based on spring-type magnetostrictive actuators," Optical Engineering 32(3), (1 March 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.61040


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