1 April 1993 Quasi-feed-forward linearization of electro-optic modulators for analog signal transmission
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A quasi-feed-forward (QFF) linearization scheme for use with electro-optic modulators is presented. This scheme provides an increase in the intermodulation-free dynamic range of the modulator as well as substantial cancellation of laser relative intensity noise (RIN) of the cw source. The results of this investigation indicate that such a scheme is adequate for the transmission of 100 or more Canadian television channels transmitted in a vestigial sideband AM format using a cw source with a RIN of only - 130 dB/Hz. A tolerance analysis has been performed to predict the effects of a nonideal practical implementation.
D'Arcy Davidson, D'Arcy Davidson, Ruediger Vahldieck, Ruediger Vahldieck, } "Quasi-feed-forward linearization of electro-optic modulators for analog signal transmission," Optical Engineering 32(4), (1 April 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.130138 . Submission:

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