1 April 1993 Second-harmonic generation in KNbO3 crystals
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Efficient second-harmonic generation from a pulsed parametric laser to 427 to 470 nm has been obtained in a KNbO3 crystal only 1.5 mm in length by angular tuning at room temperature. The energy conversion efficiency is over 40%. Single pulse blue light output reaches 60 kW in peak power. The angular dependence of a phase matching wavelength, the relation between conversion efficiency and fundamental intensity, and acceptable angular phase mismatch are studied and discussed.
Yutian Lu, Yutian Lu, Quingchun Zhao, Quingchun Zhao, Yongchun Li, Yongchun Li, Huijuan He, Huijuan He, Qun Zou, Qun Zou, Zheng Lu, Zheng Lu, Geng Zhaohua, Geng Zhaohua, } "Second-harmonic generation in KNbO3 crystals," Optical Engineering 32(4), (1 April 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.61284 . Submission:

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