1 May 1993 Improved algorithm for the analysis of holographic interferograms
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We propose a new technique to calculate the phase distribution over a fringe pattern. A digital processing system is used to digitize and analyze several holographic interferograms. Starting from a well-known tracking algorithm, which has been optimized, interferometric fringes are codified and then, by taking advantage of the intensity distribution over the interferogram, the phase associated with every pixel is calculated. We conclude that this technique can be applied to all kinds of fringe patterns obtained by the different techniques of holographic interferometry.
Juan Antonio Aparicio-Calzada, Juan Antonio Aparicio-Calzada, Jose Luis Molpeceres-Criado, Jose Luis Molpeceres-Criado, Angel M. de Frutos Baraja, Angel M. de Frutos Baraja, Carlos de Castro, Carlos de Castro, Santiago Caceres, Santiago Caceres, Fernando A Frechoso, Fernando A Frechoso, "Improved algorithm for the analysis of holographic interferograms," Optical Engineering 32(5), (1 May 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.132472 . Submission:

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