1 August 1993 Optical fiber alignment using cleaved-edge diffracted light
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We describe a simple technique for aligning optical fibers prior to fusion splicing. The technique relies on the fact that well-cleaved fiber ends have extremely sharp edges. By making the narrow pencil of light emerging from one fiber scan laterally over the entrance face of a second fiber, and by monitoring the light diffracted past its sharp edges, we can locate precisely the geometric center of the output fiber. With this technique, we have aligned fiber cores with a mean lateral offset of 0.81 μm, the major part of this offset caused by the eccentricity of the core relative to the cladding's circular perimeter.
Louis Claude Brun, Louis Claude Brun, Patrick Bergeron, Patrick Bergeron, Michel A. Duguay, Michel A. Duguay, Francois Ouellette, Francois Ouellette, Michel Tetu, Michel Tetu, } "Optical fiber alignment using cleaved-edge diffracted light," Optical Engineering 32(8), (1 August 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.145329 . Submission:

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