1 August 1993 Polarizing reflection grating beamsplitter for the 10.6-μm wavelength
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A polarizing grating beamsplitter working in reflection at the 10.6-μm wavelength is presented. The grating was designed using rigorous diffraction theory. The incident TM-polarized light is not diffracted but reflected as the zero order, and the TE-polarized light is mainly diffracted into the + 1 and - 1 diffraction orders. The grating is a surface relief with a metal coating. It consists of V-grooves and is fabricated in silicon using photolithography and a combination of dry and wet chemical etching. The measured diffraction efficiencies agree with the theoretical predictions. The sum of the measured diffraction efficiencies of the + 1 and the - 1 orders is 90% for TE polarization and 6% for TM polarization. If the grating is in a conical mount, it can be used as a beam attenuator or a three-way beamsplitter.
Helmut Haidner, Peter Kipfer, John T. Sheridan, Johannes Schwider, Norbert Streibl, Juergen Lindolf, Martin Collischon, Anette Lang, Joachim Hutfless, "Polarizing reflection grating beamsplitter for the 10.6-μm wavelength," Optical Engineering 32(8), (1 August 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.143341

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