1 September 1993 Assessment of third-order optical nonlinearities in conjugated organic polymers
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Optical Engineering, 32(9), (1993). doi:10.1117/12.143910
Third-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of substituted polythiophenes, polyanilines, and polysilanes have been estimated by third-harmonic generation measurements at 1.053 μm. Values of x3(-3ω,ω,ω,ω) for new polymers-two poly(alkoxyphenylthiophenes), a fluorinated poly(alkylthiophene), and a poly(alkoxyaniline)-were found to be in the range 0.7 x 10-12 to 2.3 x 10-12 esu, similar to those for other substituted polythiophenes and polyanilines. Values of x3(-3ω,ω,ω,ω)) are correlated with the absorption maxima for series of polythiophenes, polysilanes, and polyanilines. Third-order nonlinearities are found to depend strongly on the nature of the polymer backbone and only slightly on substituents.
Claire L. Callender, Lucie Robitaille, Mario Leclerc, "Assessment of third-order optical nonlinearities in conjugated organic polymers," Optical Engineering 32(9), (1 September 1993). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.143910

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