1 January 1994 1040 X 1040 infrared charge sweep device imager with PtSi Schottky-barrier detectors
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We have developed a 1-Mpixel infrared charge sweep device (IRCSD) imager for thermal imaging in the 3- to 5-μm band. The device of this imager is a 1040 x 1040 monolithic PtSi Schottky-barrier (SB) array using the charge sweep device (CSD) readout architecture. The pixel size is 17 x 17 μm2 and the fill factor of this device is 44%. In this imager system, four video signals are read out from four independent channels on the device. The processing of these four outputs, such as sample and hold (S/H), and offset control and image correction, is performed in parallel, after which these outputs are combined to produce high-definition TV (HDTV; 1125 lines, 30 Hz) format thermal image in real time. The noise-equivalent temperature difference (NETD) with f/1.2 optics at 27°C background is 0.13°C at the HDTV output stage.
Akira Akiyama, Akira Akiyama, Tatsuro Sasaki, Tatsuro Sasaki, Toshiki Seto, Toshiki Seto, Akiyoshi Mori, Akiyoshi Mori, Ryuji Ishigaki, Ryuji Ishigaki, Sho Itoh, Sho Itoh, Naoki Yutani, Naoki Yutani, Masafumi Kimata, Masafumi Kimata, Natsuro Tsubouchi, Natsuro Tsubouchi, } "1040 X 1040 infrared charge sweep device imager with PtSi Schottky-barrier detectors," Optical Engineering 33(1), (1 January 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.162277 . Submission:


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