1 October 1994 Coherent CO2 lidars for measuring wind velocity and atmospheric turbulence
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We have developed two coherent lidar systems based on cw and TEA CO2 lasers. The lidars have been tested and applied for the atmospheric wind velocity measurements. We have elaborated and experimentally verified a new method of nondestructive long-range measurement of the parameters of the atmospheric turbulence with a cw Doppler lidar (DL). The method is based on certain processing of the heterodyne Doppler spectra. In addition to the wind velocity magnitude, the method yields the value of the velocity structure constant. The method has been experimentally verified. Some results of applications of the DL for detecting artificially generated vortexes (aircraft traveling vortexes) and distinguishing them from natural winds and turbulence based on a comparison of the magnitudes of the velocity structure constant are presented.
Vyacheslav M. Gordienko, Vyacheslav M. Gordienko, Anatoly A. Kormakov, Anatoly A. Kormakov, Leonid A. Kosovsky, Leonid A. Kosovsky, Nikolay N. Kurochkin, Nikolay N. Kurochkin, Grigory A. Pogosov, Grigory A. Pogosov, Alexander V. Priezzhev, Alexander V. Priezzhev, Iouri Yuri Poutivski, Iouri Yuri Poutivski, } "Coherent CO2 lidars for measuring wind velocity and atmospheric turbulence," Optical Engineering 33(10), (1 October 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.178893 . Submission:

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