1 November 1994 Experimental study of a novel free-space optical communication system
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What is, to our knowledge, a new kind of laser free space communication system is reported. In this system, a laser diode is locked and tracked at the transmission peak of a Faraday anamolous dispersion optical filter (FADOF) so as to obtain a stabilized lasing. A Zeeman absorption FADOF (FADOF/Zeeman) was employed as a stabilized receiver. The bandwidth of the FADOF/Zeeman is about 1 GHz, which is three times less than that of the FADOF. The tuning capability is about 1 GHz/0.01 T. We successfully conducted the audio and visual telephone optical communication experiment by means of this system in a strong solar background and compared the systematic property of the FADOF/Zeeman receiver and the interference filter (IF) receiver. The results show that the sensibility of the FADOF/Zeeman receiver is about 25 times higher than that of the IF.
JunXiong Tang, JunXiong Tang, Qingji Wang, Qingji Wang, Minghao Duan, Minghao Duan, Yimin Li, Yimin Li, Liang Zhang, Liang Zhang, Jianhua Gan, Jianhua Gan, Jiankun Kong, Jiankun Kong, Yifang Wu, Yifang Wu, Lemin Zheng, Lemin Zheng, } "Experimental study of a novel free-space optical communication system," Optical Engineering 33(11), (1 November 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.181162 . Submission:

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