1 November 1994 Magnetic field measurements using magneto-optic Kerr effect sensors
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A novel optically based magnetic field sensing technique is developed that uses a thin magnetic film as the sensing element and the longitudinal and transverse magneto-optic Kerr effects in an optical read technique. The linear system response is tested for small magnetic fields using a simple free-space ellipsometry measurement system. Measurements taken at 8 mHz showed a magnetic field sensitivity of 4 x 10-3 Oe, with a system dynamic range of over 60 dB. The noise spectrum was dominated by 1/f noise. Calculations for a shot-noise-limited measurement system indicate that a magnetic field sensitivity of 10-6 Oe/Hz1/2 may be possible through enhancement of the sensing element parameters and 100-mW light sources.
Steven A. Oliver, Steven A. Oliver, Charles A. DiMarzio, Charles A. DiMarzio, Scott C. Lindberg, Scott C. Lindberg, Aniruddha B. Kale, Aniruddha B. Kale, } "Magnetic field measurements using magneto-optic Kerr effect sensors," Optical Engineering 33(11), (1 November 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.181938 . Submission:

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