1 November 1994 Retroreflective moiré deflectometry using a telescope
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The purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of a retroreflector when employed in a moiré deflectometric telescope. A moiré deflectometric telescope using a retroreflector is designed based on the standard moiré deflectometer combining a retroreflector as invented by the authors. A density variation in a piece of glass (phase object) is considered. Moiré deflectograms are obtained using the standard setup for a moiré deflectometer as well as with the setup employing a retroreflector. The setup of a moiré deflectometric telescope and the newly designed moiré deflectometric telescope using a retroreflector are tested.
Evangelos Liasi, Evangelos Liasi, Walter P. T. North, Walter P. T. North, } "Retroreflective moiré deflectometry using a telescope," Optical Engineering 33(11), (1 November 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.181178 . Submission:

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