1 December 1994 Extreme-ultraviolet studies with laser-produced plasmas
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A new multilaser multichannel spectrometer system has been developed that allows a wide range of investigations of the interaction of extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) photons with matter in the form of free atoms or ions, e.g., in gases or plasmas or bound as in solids. The EUV photons are generated by a laser-produced plasma. Applications to the study of photoabsorption by thin foils, gases, and ground- and excited-state atoms and ions are described. The design and performance of a collimated, quasi-monochromatic, intense source of EUV radiation based on the combination of a laser-produced plasma with a EUV multilayer mirror is also reported.
Eugene T. Kennedy, John T. Costello, Jean-Paul Mosnier, Attilio A. Cafolla, Martin Collins, Laurence Kiernan, Ulrich Koeble, Muhammad H. Sayyad, Matthew Shaw, Bernd F. Sonntag, Robert J. Barchewitz, "Extreme-ultraviolet studies with laser-produced plasmas," Optical Engineering 33(12), (1 December 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.186393 . Submission:

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