1 February 1994 Infrared radiometry using silver halide fibers and a cooled photonic detector
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A fiber optic radiometer based on a cooled photonic detector was designed and constructed. The radiometer is capable of measuring in real time the temperature of tissue irradiated with a CO2 laser. A silver halide IR fiber is used to deliver the CO2 laser radiation to the target and also to deliver the thermal radiation emitted from the target back to the detector. Two methods of measurements were examined, both of which solve the problem of detector blinding by reflected CO2 radiation. A theory of operation for this silver halide fiber optic radiometer, based on lock-in amplifier techniques, is presented. A short discussion of the radiometer design and construction is given. This work forms a basis for the subject of measuring, in real time, fast radiometric signals caused by CO2 laser irradiation. Such a radiometer is very useful when dealing with pulsed photo thermal radiation with 10.6-μm CO2 laser radiation. This technique is very useful in medicine and industry.
Ophir Eyal, Ophir Eyal, Albert Zur, Albert Zur, Ofer Shenfeld, Ofer Shenfeld, Mordechai Gilo, Mordechai Gilo, Abraham Katzir, Abraham Katzir, } "Infrared radiometry using silver halide fibers and a cooled photonic detector," Optical Engineering 33(2), (1 February 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.153196 . Submission:

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