1 April 1994 Dynamics of a deformable mirror actuator
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The electromechanical equations governing the motion of the surface of a deformable mirror, due to the activation of a piezoelectric or electrostrictive actuator mechanically located between the mirror surface and the mirror substrate, are derived in terms of the fundamental electromechanical parameters of the mirror-actuator configuration. The equations of motion are solved in the frequency domain and the solutions show reasonable agreement with experimental data such as Bode plots, which characterize the frequency dependence of the amplitude and phase of the mirror surface motion, and with frequency-dependent impedance measurements. Time-domain solutions are used to construct time histories of an actuator under a step-voltage input.
Wayland Clinton Marlow, Wayland Clinton Marlow, } "Dynamics of a deformable mirror actuator," Optical Engineering 33(4), (1 April 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.163121 . Submission:

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