1 April 1994 Electron-beam-deposited Mo/Si and MoxSiy/Si multilayer x-ray mirrors and gratings
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For the wavelength region above the Si-L edge normal incidence, soft x-ray mirrors are produced with peak reflectivities close to 60%. The multilayer systems consist of molybdenum and silicon and are fabricated by electron beam evaporation in ultrahigh vacuum. A smoothing of the boundaries, and thereby a drastic enhancement of the reflectivity, is obtained by thermal treatment of the multilayer systems during growth. The thermal stability of the multilayer stacks could be improved considerably up to 850° C by mixing Mo and Si in the absorber layers and producing thus MoxSiy/Si multilayers with x and y denoting the amounts of Mo and Si in the absorber layer, respectively. First attempts are reported to produce mirrors with a bilayer thickness of 2.6 nm. An improvement in the quality of these interfaces can be obtained by bombardment with Ar+ ions. We report on normal incidence reflectivity measurements of the mirrors with synchrotron radiation and finally on the normal incidence diffraction efficiencies of a Mo/Si multilayer coated grating, for which values of 5.5% are achieved for the + 1'st and - 1'st diffraction orders.
Bernt Schmiedeskamp, Bernt Schmiedeskamp, Andreas Kloidt, Andreas Kloidt, Hans-Juergen Stock, Hans-Juergen Stock, Ulf Kleineberg, Ulf Kleineberg, Thorsten Doehring, Thorsten Doehring, Michael Proepper, Michael Proepper, Steffen Rahn, Steffen Rahn, Kerstin Hilgers, Kerstin Hilgers, Bernhard Heidemann, Bernhard Heidemann, Thorsten Tappe, Thorsten Tappe, Ulrich Heinzmann, Ulrich Heinzmann, Michael K. Krumrey, Michael K. Krumrey, Peter Mueller, Peter Mueller, Frank Scholze, Frank Scholze, Klaus F. Heidemann, Klaus F. Heidemann, } "Electron-beam-deposited Mo/Si and MoxSiy/Si multilayer x-ray mirrors and gratings," Optical Engineering 33(4), (1 April 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.163207 . Submission:

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