1 May 1994 Free-space optical interconnects using connectivity-enhanced, mesh-based networks
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We discuss the potential of using free-space optical methods to implement a class of connectivity-enhanced mesh-based networks. As shown, the unique advantages that the free-space optics can offer, including large power fan-out per node capability, and the ability for spatial-angular multiplexing make it possible for connectivity-enhanced mesh-based networks to be efficiently implemented. In our presentation, two switching models, one for nonblocking point-to-point switching and the other for nonblocking broadcast switching, are described for their optical implementations. Some proof-of-principle experimental results are presented.
Yao Li, Yao Li, Ting Wang, Ting Wang, Jacob Sharony, Jacob Sharony, "Free-space optical interconnects using connectivity-enhanced, mesh-based networks," Optical Engineering 33(5), (1 May 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.166526 . Submission:

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