1 May 1994 Infrared photodetectors with SiGe/Si multiple quantum wells
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The study of intersubband transitions in both quantum wells and superlattices has rapidly developed to the point where intersubband photodetectors are becoming attractive for a number of applications. This is particularly significant for Si-based heterostructures due to the advantage of monolithic integration with the conventional silicon signal processing electronics, especially for large-area staring FPAs in advanced IR sensor systems. We review experimental observations of hole intersubband transitions in SiGe/Si quantum wells. In addition to intersubband transitions, we also discuss two normal incident absorption processes: intervalence band transition and internal photoemission from 2-D hole gas in the quantum well. Finally, the progress in the application of SiGe/Si multiple quantum well structures for the fabrication of IR detectors operating in both the 2- to 5-μm and 8- to 12-μm ranges is described.
R. P. Gamani Karunasiri, R. P. Gamani Karunasiri, Jun Park, Jun Park, Kang Lung Wang, Kang Lung Wang, Sang K. Chun, Sang K. Chun, } "Infrared photodetectors with SiGe/Si multiple quantum wells," Optical Engineering 33(5), (1 May 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.165809 . Submission:

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