1 June 1994 Design of a multispectral sensor
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Optomechanical scanners have a revolving mirror and discrete detector elements for different spectral bands. The lower integration time in these systems affects the SNR, which can be improved either by increasing the collecting aperture or by using more sensitive detectors. An increase in the collecting aperture causes an enormous increase in the total weight of the scanner system. CCD image sensors have better sensitivity than the discrete detector elements. Linear CCD image sensors make it possible to avoid the use of revolving mirrors that are required in optomechanical scanners. CCD image sensors have a wide spectral response that makes them particularly suitable for multispectral imaging. The design of a multispectral sensor consisting of a single lens and a complex prism with dichroic and total internal reflecting surfaces is presented. It provides accurate band-to-band registration and rugged construction. The acquired image is displayed on a UV sensitive paper in real time.
Subhash C. Jain, Subhash C. Jain, K. S. Bist, K. S. Bist, Saila S. Santara, Saila S. Santara, } "Design of a multispectral sensor," Optical Engineering 33(6), (1 June 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.169804 . Submission:

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