1 July 1994 Multiwave interference phenomena for display applications
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The potential of multiwave interference phenomena for display applications is discussed. It is aimed at the realization of polarizer and color-filter-free flat-panel displays on the basis of liquid crystal display technologies. It is shown that the system of even thick optical resonators can be tuned so that large-scale selectivity (superspectrum) over the visible spectrum is achieved. Parameters of superspectra can be controlled electrically with the aid of intracavity electro-optical materials. Polarization effects of multiwave interterence phenomena in cholesteric liquid crystals allow for new display principles-through effective redistribution of polarization states over the frequency spectrum. It is emphasized that this distribution is an important characteristic of wide-spectrum sources determining the state of radiation along with coherence matrix and correlation function.
Nelson V. Tabiryan, Theo T. Tschudi, "Multiwave interference phenomena for display applications," Optical Engineering 33(7), (1 July 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.169711

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