1 July 1994 Real, imaginary, and clutter Gabor filter fusion for detection with reduced false alarms
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Optical Engineering, 33(7), (1994). doi:10.1117/12.172407
We fuse the output from our real Gabor function macro detection filter with the outputs from a clutter Gabor filter and an imaginary Gabor filter. This fusion reduces false alarm clutter (PFA), while retaining high probability of detection (PD). Initial test results are given for a large set of 34 scenes with 189 targets in six different classes with full 360-deg distortions and contrast differences in the presence of clutter. We find PD = 97.9% and PFA = 0.038%. All three new Gabor transform outputs are achieved on a correlator with different filter functions.
David P. Casasent, John Scott Smokelin, "Real, imaginary, and clutter Gabor filter fusion for detection with reduced false alarms," Optical Engineering 33(7), (1 July 1994). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.172407

Image filtering


Optical filters

Image fusion


Digital filtering

Edge detection


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