1 September 1994 Three-color common-axis light source suitable for shock wave studies
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A single-axis, three-color light source system with independent triggers, suitable for multiflash schlieren and other photography is developed. The system enables three primary color exposures to be taken on a common film plane, with each exposure, when separated into the primary color components, representing a monochromatic photograph that can be converted to a gray-scale image. The three primary color light sources on a common optical axis are achieved using a specially designed beamsplitter consisting of dichroic filters mounted against a penta-prism shaped holder. Using this penta arrangement and three independent white light flash sources (e.g., xenon lamps), three images can be recorded at independent times on a single image plane. For schlieren applications, this arrangement ensures that all three images have equal sensitivity because they pass through a common schlieren cutoff, and also have the same axis angle (or perspective) relative to the test section. The system has proven to be both low cost and versatile.
Michael W. Seitz, Michael W. Seitz, Peter A. Seitz, Peter A. Seitz, Beric W. Skews, Beric W. Skews, } "Three-color common-axis light source suitable for shock wave studies," Optical Engineering 33(9), (1 September 1994). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.175673 . Submission:

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