1 November 1995 Effects of image noise on submicroscan interpolation
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The submicroscan interpolation image-processing technique is analyzed to determine the effects of additive noise on the quality of the output imagery. Both temporal and fixed-pattern spatial noise are evaluated assuming a white Gaussian noise model. Closed-form solutions for the power spectral density of the output noise are derived for both one- and two-dimensional submicroscanning. It is found that temporal noise degrades the output imagery and determines the minimum usable submicroscan image shift. For the case of fixed-pattern noise, submicroscan interpolation causes a spectral redistribution of the noise power spectrum that tends to improve image quality.
Kenneth J. Barnard, Edward A. Watson, "Effects of image noise on submicroscan interpolation," Optical Engineering 34(11), (1 November 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.213572 . Submission:

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