1 November 1995 Image restoration of dispersion-degraded images from a liquid-crystal beam steerer
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Liquid-crystal arrays represents one of the first practical technologies capable of steering light by electronic control only. We use such a device to steer the field of view of a broadband imaging sensor. Unfortunately, dispersion degrades the image quality by smearing out details in the image and by introducing multiple diffraction orders (echoes) at the detector plane. We present a method to compensate for these unwanted effects and thus restore the broadband images obtained with the beam steerer. We use the beam-propagation method to find the wavelength-dependent impulse response, from which we determine the appropriate Wiener filter. When training data are available, we improve the filter with the adaptive least mean square algorithm. We present restored images that demonstrate the capabilities of this technique.
Ronald J. Broessel, Ronald J. Broessel, Vincent G. Dominic, Vincent G. Dominic, Russell C. Hardie, Russell C. Hardie, } "Image restoration of dispersion-degraded images from a liquid-crystal beam steerer," Optical Engineering 34(11), (1 November 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.213519 . Submission:

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