1 February 1995 Three gradient index lens tracker (3GILT)
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A novel tracking system is developed and a prototype constructed. The tracker uses three gradient index lenses as a multiaperture vision system (MAVS). The three gradient index lens tracker (3GILT) uses the overlapping field-of-view region of the three lenses for tracking a point source. Thus, no moving parts are required. A single detector is used with each gradient index lens. The three detector signals are analyzed to determine the location of the point source or target. The experimental results agree with the theoretical analysis, indicating that the major performance parameters are identified and understood.
Michael S. Currin, Michael S. Currin, Pierre Schonbaum, Pierre Schonbaum, Carl E. Halford, Carl E. Halford, Ronald G. Driggers, Ronald G. Driggers, } "Three gradient index lens tracker (3GILT)," Optical Engineering 34(2), (1 February 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.188603 . Submission:

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