1 March 1995 High-power, high-data-rate laser diode transmitter
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This paper reports the performance and test results of a highpower laser diode transmitter (HPLDT). The HPLDT provides a controlled environment to operate semiconductor lasers with power levels exceeding 0.5 W and is scalable to multi-watt output powers. It provides thermal and optical power control and overdrive protection, and is capable of modulating the laser at high data rates (up to i0 pulses/s). In addition, the HPLDT can accommodate a variety of semiconductor lasers and input modulating signal types over a wide bandwidth.
Thomas H. Ebben, Thomas H. Ebben, David L. Begley, David L. Begley, Robert G. Marshalek, Robert G. Marshalek, } "High-power, high-data-rate laser diode transmitter," Optical Engineering 34(3), (1 March 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.190435 . Submission:

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