1 April 1995 Improvement of focusing ability in laser scalpel probes
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The possibility of improving the focusing effect in laser scalpels employing tapered probes with a novel parabolic form has been studied. The irradiance distribution in conventional conical and parabolic tapered probes has been calculated by 3-D ray tracing in the tangent plane with taper angles 9 and 17 deg and their parabolic modifications. The results are compared with measurements of the light distribution in saline using a CCD camera. The irradiance increase in parabolic probes was four times that observed in conical probes. Laser scalpels with novel parabolic rods will be better for precise treatment of tissue than conventional laser scalpels with conical rods.
Ivan S. Melnik, Ivan S. Melnik, } "Improvement of focusing ability in laser scalpel probes," Optical Engineering 34(4), (1 April 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.196549 . Submission:

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