1 June 1995 In-line fiber optic polarimeter with a 99% coupler
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A polarization transformer in combination with a polarization analyzer is well suited for the generation of any wanted polarization state. We describe the setup, calibration, and applications of an in-line fiber optic polarization detector (IPD) built with a fiber optic coupler of 99% coupling ratio. At the low power output port we use standard beamsplitters and polarizers to generate four different polarization dependent signals. For calibration, the polarization is measured at the high-power output port with an oft-line polarimeter (OPD). This enables the determination of the system matrix, which represents the relation between the polarization at the high-power port and the four signals at the low-power port. With this system matrix, a continuous and accurate determination of the polarization at the high-power output port is possible.
Bernhard Scholl, Bernhard Scholl, Thomas Stein, Thomas Stein, Arndt Neues, Arndt Neues, Konrad Mertens, Konrad Mertens, } "In-line fiber optic polarimeter with a 99% coupler," Optical Engineering 34(6), (1 June 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.202088 . Submission:


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