1 July 1995 Holographic associative memory with accurate addressing
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We demonstrate the weakness of the real-time holographic associative memory implementation in addressing accuracy and describe a novel method to implement associative memory with accurate addressing. In this method, the memory images and their background images are stored in two common holographic memory systems, and the partial image and its background image are simultaneously used to address the two holographic memory systems. The experimental results have proved the system feasible. In addition, we describe a method of associative memory with accurate addressing in a common real-time holographic memory system using combinatorial memory images and combinatorial addressing images.
ShiFu Yuan, Guofan Jin, Minxian Wu, Yingbai Yan, Jingwen Zhang, Kebin Xu, Lixue Chen, "Holographic associative memory with accurate addressing," Optical Engineering 34(7), (1 July 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.206586

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