1 July 1995 Light-emitting diodes based on copolymer organic semiconductors
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Light-emitting diodes (LED5) based on organic semiconductors have received much attention recently due to their promise as cheap, novel light sources for electro-optical applications. Unlike conventional diodes, light emission from these organic LEDs is achieved by double injection of electrons from a low-work-function electrode and holes from a high-work-function electrode into the organic polymer light-emitting layer. By appropriately engineering the polymer backbone, emission of various visible colors has been demonstrated. Our work in this field has concentrated on organic block copolymers as the active light-emitting materials. We demonstrate that the use of copolymer systems leads to large enhancement of device performance.
Danilo B. Romero, Danilo B. Romero, Michel Schaer, Michel Schaer, Libero Zuppiroli, Libero Zuppiroli, Bertrand Cesar, Bertrand Cesar, Gilles Widawski, Gilles Widawski, Bernard Francois, Bernard Francois, } "Light-emitting diodes based on copolymer organic semiconductors," Optical Engineering 34(7), (1 July 1995). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.204690 . Submission:

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