1 January 1996 Output power optimization in folded resonators
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Extraction efficiency in a folded resonator with overlapping between neighboring beams is analyzed in terms of number of mirrors, small-signal gain, and active length. The medium is assumed to be homogeneously broadened and saturated by the sum of overlapping irradiances, supposed to be uniform across each beam. Extraction efficiency is presented as a function of output coupler reflectivity, total gain, and reflectivity of folding mirrors. Optimum coupling is also computed for a range of gains per amplifying section and folding mirror reflectivities. Finally, efficiencies calculated with this model are compared with those obtained with a nonoverlapping model, showing higher figures, with maximum values shifted to the low-output coupler reflectivity for the presented model.
Carlos A. Rosito, Guillermo D. Santiago, "Output power optimization in folded resonators," Optical Engineering 35(1), (1 January 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600873 . Submission:

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