1 October 1996 Averaging of collected-power fluctuations by a multiaperture receiver system
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When a large aperture is used to collect light propagated through the atmosphere, it performs an average operation on the irradiance fluctuations, resulting in collected-power fluctuations that are not as large as those that could be obtained from a point receiver. We present an expression for the aperture-averaging factor of optical scintillation using multiaperture architectures on the receiver configuration. That expression is used to assess the decrease in the total collected power fluctuations for several multiaperture receiver configurations.
Aniceto Mounta Belmonte, Aniceto Mounta Belmonte, Adolfo Comeron, Adolfo Comeron, Javier Bara, Javier Bara, Juan Antonio Rubio, Juan Antonio Rubio, } "Averaging of collected-power fluctuations by a multiaperture receiver system," Optical Engineering 35(10), (1 October 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600989 . Submission:

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