1 December 1996 Axially astigmatic surfaces: different types and their properties
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Axially astigmatic surfaces have different curvatures in orthogonal diameters. Toroidal and spherocylindrical optical surfaces are two mathematically different special cases of axially astigmatic surfaces as noted by Menchaca and Malacara (1986), but they are almost identical in the vicinity of the optical axis. The difference between these two surfaces increases when the distance to the optical axis increases. We study the general properties of astigmatic surfaces and some special interesting cases.
Daniel Malacara-Doblado, Daniel Malacara-Doblado, Daniel Malacara-Hernandez, Daniel Malacara-Hernandez, Jorge L. Garcia-Marquez, Jorge L. Garcia-Marquez, } "Axially astigmatic surfaces: different types and their properties," Optical Engineering 35(12), (1 December 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601102 . Submission:

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