1 December 1996 Long-working-distance microscope used for diesel injection spray imaging
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An optical system for analysis of diesel spray penetration and atomization has been developed. The basic system is based on a microscope with a long working distance (230 mm) and a modest resolution. The magnification is variable between 1:1 and 50:1 on the camera plane. This enables the study of individual droplets with a diameter of 5 ?m. A number of different techniques have been used together with the basic system to study different parts of the spray. They include the darkground technique, double exposure, and ordinary magnification. The size, speed, and direction of propagation of the individual droplets have been calculated using the elongation of the droplet image caused by the duration time of the flash.
Henrik Sjoeberg, Henrik Sjoeberg, Goran Manneberg, Goran Manneberg, Andreas Cronhjort, Andreas Cronhjort, "Long-working-distance microscope used for diesel injection spray imaging," Optical Engineering 35(12), (1 December 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601113 . Submission:

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