1 February 1996 Millimeter-wave optically scanning antenna based on photoinduced plasma grating
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The photocontrolled millimeter-wave (MMW) antenna is an alternative approach to the phased array. It offers a high potential to decrease fabrication cost. We describe a new MMW scanning antenna controlled by light. The basic antenna element is a semiconductor plate containing a photoinduced plasma grating (PIPG). By changing the grating period and rotating the grating, the device is able to scan a MMW beam in two dimensions. To enhance antenna efficiency, we use an antenna design that takes advantage of the reflectance of the MMW mirror behind the semiconductor plate. We found that the pulse duration of the pumping light can strongly affect the antenna’s output. Our calculations demonstrate that diffusion is responsible for decay of antenna efficiency.
Vladimir A. Manasson, Vladimir A. Manasson, Lev S. Sadovnik, Lev S. Sadovnik, Paul I. Shnitser, Paul I. Shnitser, Robert M. Mino, Robert M. Mino, John S. Kruger, John S. Kruger, } "Millimeter-wave optically scanning antenna based on photoinduced plasma grating," Optical Engineering 35(2), (1 February 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600904 . Submission:

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