1 February 1996 Optical signal processing at Essex Corporation
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The most current research and development in optical signal processing and its applications at Essex Corporation is summarized. In progress for more than a decade, this work has evolved from the development of highly specialized algorithms for the intelligence community to more general domains embracing such diverse areas as radar signal processing, medical ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, acoustic tomography, and cellular and satellite communications. Essex develops algorithms and designs, fabricates, and tests breadboard designs and transforms these into rugged, compact products for use in harsh environments. Descriptions of the most important investigations in these areas are presented. An image synthesizer called ImSyn™ is described that forms images from the measured spatial Fourier components of the object to be imaged. Applications to synthetic aperture radar, acoustic tomography, medical resonance imaging, and synthetic aperture microscopy are shown. An acousto-optic radar signal processor is described that can produce high-resolution, high-dynamic range range- Doppler maps from instantaneously wideband radar returns. A design for a fiber optic true-time delay beamformer is presented. Finally, an optoelectronic telecommunications switch is discussed.
William R. Franklin, William R. Franklin, } "Optical signal processing at Essex Corporation," Optical Engineering 35(2), (1 February 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600909 . Submission:

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