1 April 1996 Effect of signal truncation on centroid location error estimation
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There are many researchers who propose calculating a signal centroid using the pixels nearest to the signal peak. Thus, for a two-dimensional rectangular grid they use only nine pixels centered around the signal peak,1–3 and for a one-dimensional signal they use only three pixels.4 This truncation simplifies and speeds up the centroid calculation without affecting the centroid accuracy if the signal is limited to this small local region. In addition, when the signal is corrupted by noise, there is an optimum window size that balances the effects of systematic error and the error due to the random noise.
Ikram E. Abdou, Ikram E. Abdou, } "Effect of signal truncation on centroid location error estimation," Optical Engineering 35(4), (1 April 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600609 . Submission:

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