1 May 1996 High-repetition-rate operation of a double-discharge electron beam generator
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We report on the construction and study of a high-repetitionrate double-discharge electron beam generator. A synergetic superposition of a pulsed discharge on a continuous one is used to generate an intense electron beam (tens of kilo-electron-volts and hundreds of amperes) that might be used as a useful and inexpensive tool for many applications such as laser generation, x-ray generation, photochemistry, material deposition, and others. To increase the average power the repetition rate is increased in different discharge configurations. Two types of high-voltage switches are used: an electromechanical switch working up to 100 Hz and a thyratron-based switch operating up to 10 kHz. A limit of 714 Hz is found for generator operation at 0.1 l/min flow speed and pulse voltage of about 12 kV in air.
Virgil Mircea Udrea, Mihaela Stoica, Irina Buica, Catalin Flacau, Anne-Marie Pointu, Mihai Ganciu, Dan Penache, I. Iovitz Popescu, "High-repetition-rate operation of a double-discharge electron beam generator," Optical Engineering 35(5), (1 May 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600622

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