1 May 1996 New nonlinear optical materials from living matter
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Optical Engineering, 35(5), (1996). doi:10.1117/1.600693
There is current interest in organic materials for use in optoelectronics. The dielectric properties of these materials have proved compatible with low biasing powers, and some methods to improve them have been proposed. We discuss some fatty acids and mixtures of fatty acids, as well as fatty acid–cholesterol, all of them having an important role in biological membranes. They have smectic liquid-crystalline properties in some temperature ranges, this state being involved in the mechanisms determining health and illness. They can be used also in optoelectronic applications, because of the huge optical nonlinearity in the mesomorphic domain. The external self-focusing of a laser beam and nonlinear optical activity have been observed experimentally; by studying the modification of laser pulses in such media, the cholesterol percentage could be estimated. Also the interaction, at different wavelengths, with coherent and noncoherent light was studied.
Mihaela A. Ghelmez, Maria Honciuc, Mihai C. Piscureanu, Cristian Gheorghe, "New nonlinear optical materials from living matter," Optical Engineering 35(5), (1 May 1996). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.600693

Liquid crystals

Nonlinear optical materials



Nonlinear optics

Complex systems


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