1 May 1996 Self-imaging through incoherent to coherent conversion
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The self-imaging phenomenon is realized by utilizing an incoherent to coherent converter. For this purpose, a photorefractive BSO crystal that becomes uniformly birefringent due to an external applied voltage is employed. Then, an incoherently illuminated one-dimensional grating that locally modulates the induced birefringence is registered. In the readout process, a linearly polarized plane wave from a He-Ne laser is utilized. The ellipticity of the light exiting the crystal will be determined according to the local birefringence. Then, after passing through a polarizer, the coherent output will reproduce the incoherent input. In this way, under free propagation, coherent replicas of the grating will be obtained.
Maria del Carmen Lasprilla Alvarez, Maria del Carmen Lasprilla Alvarez, Alexandra Agra Amorim, Alexandra Agra Amorim, Myrian C. Tebaldi, Myrian C. Tebaldi, Nestor A. Bolognini, Nestor A. Bolognini, } "Self-imaging through incoherent to coherent conversion," Optical Engineering 35(5), (1 May 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600700 . Submission:

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