1 May 1996 Thin-lens approximation for radial gradient-index lenses
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Expressions for the Seidel aberrations of thin radial gradientindex (GRIN) lenses having a similar structure with the corresponding expressions for thin homogeneous lenses are obtained. By enabling a direct analysis of the relationship between aberrations and lens data, the thin-lens approximation provides new insight into the possibilities and limitations of aberration correction for simple optical systems using radial gradients. It is found for instance that, as in the homogeneous case, within the frame of this approximation the astigmatism of single radial GRIN lenses cannot be corrected if spherical aberration and coma are corrected or if the aperture stop is located at the lens.
Florian Bociort, Florian Bociort, } "Thin-lens approximation for radial gradient-index lenses," Optical Engineering 35(5), (1 May 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600674 . Submission:

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