1 July 1996 Diffraction-limited holographic lenses in dichromated gelatine
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Holographic lenses in volume media suffer from the mismatch between the recording and the reconstruction wavelength. The lenses are recorded in the blue spectral range because of spectral sensitivity of the recording material. The lenses investigated here are reconstructed with red light. The aim of this work is the realization of diffraction-limited holographic lenses with a high diffraction efficiency in the presence of a wavelength mismatch. Therefore the lenses have to be recorded with at least one aspheric recording wavefront in order to fulfill the Bragg condition on the one hand and to correct the wave aberrations on the other. We propose an iterative optimization procedure which also eliminates the wave aberrations caused by the misalignments of the recording setup. This optimization procedure requires the accurate measurement of the wave aberrations. These aberrations are eliminated by an appropriate modification of the aspheric recording wavefront. In this paper the design principle, the recording setup, the interferometric measurement, and the iterative optimization procedure are given. This optimization procedure results in diffraction-limited holographic lenses.
Oliver R. Falkenstoerfer, Oliver R. Falkenstoerfer, Norbert Lindlein, Norbert Lindlein, Tuula Keinonen, Tuula Keinonen, Johannes Schwider, Johannes Schwider, } "Diffraction-limited holographic lenses in dichromated gelatine," Optical Engineering 35(7), (1 July 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600781 . Submission:

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