1 July 1996 Scanner performance from edge slope and cutoff frequencies [also Erratum 36(8)2361(Aug1997)]
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The day-to-day evaluation of a scanner system’s performance, a problem in quality assurance, is addressed by deriving a technique for establishing it’s system cutoff spatial frequency through the analysis of the edge slope. It is shown that the slope value at the midpoint of the system’s imaged edge (edge response) is related (and, for some conditions, equal to) its cutoff frequency. From the analysis, a parameter emerges that describes the sampling aperture as ‘‘hard’’ or ‘‘soft,’’ signifying whether its shape is best described by geometrical or physical optics, respectively. The physical implications of this description are discussed and results are substantiated experimentally using a microdensitometer.
James J. Jakubowski, "Scanner performance from edge slope and cutoff frequencies [also Erratum 36(8)2361(Aug1997)]," Optical Engineering 35(7), (1 July 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600776 . Submission:

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